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Welcome Friend! πŸ‘‹ We at Taurozza want to welcome you to our industry leading cloud products. We have extremely cheap pricing. We also our love customers so much we have even cheaper annual Halo plans!

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To infinity and beyond

Find the right service that will meet your need. We believe that having a one stop shop is crucial for small and large developers or companies for simple billing and managment. Below features a few of our most popular services.

  • Halo

    Prepare for the Halo! Halo are Taurozza well known service module, allowing users to create a powerful instances with community verified /secured images

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  • Ecliptic

    We offer 99.99% uptime and garentee your customers will always be able to get from point A to point B with Taurozza Ecliptic domain service. Powered by the leader of Nameservers NS1!

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  • Constellation

    We at Taurozza believe the #1 thing that keeps users moving from AWS is do to there VPC. So we decided being a crucial part we offer free local IP managment called constellation

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  • Milky Way

    The milky way is bueatiful and so is VPN. This is exactly what are milky way is! We offer Free VPN connections we charge based on data usage at a fix affordable rate of $0.05/Gb !

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  • SSD Hosting

    Most hosting providers use traditional Hard Drives which are just too slow for today’s standards of the web. Solid State Drives provide up to 300% faster performance and fast delivery of your content!

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  • The Nutron Panel™

    Our custom Nutron Panel™ is the most powerful and reliable web hosting control panel. It is intuitive for beginners and provides all the advanced features to even the most experienced webmasters. We promise you'll love it!

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  • Taurozza Networks

    While providing professional services in the field of System Administration to private and business clients, we grasped the opportunity to launch our public cloud hosting service in late 2017. We offer much more services such as SEO, Advertising, and digital marketing for your company needs.

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